The Machine Learning Lab is the catalyst through which industry partners collaborate on cutting-edge research, access world-class talent, and solve their most challenging problems.


Application Areas


The Machine Learning Laboratory has a dynamic research agenda and is open additional applications where machine learning promises high impact.


Machine learning research at UT Austin offers a unique combination of quality and scale that combines with the vibrant Austin tech sector to propel scientific discovery into industry applications.


Board & Project Partners ($200K-$1M+)

MLL SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD: Companies choosing to support the MLL at the $1M+ level may be eligible to join the scientific advisory board. The board advises the Director on the strategic direction of Lab activities, including but not limited to the scope of calls for proposals.

TARGETED RESEARCH GIFTS: Research gifts are provided without terms or conditions and the entirety of the funding is provided directly to the researcher and lab of choice.

SPONSORED RESEARCH: Companies interested in pursuing a specific research project with deliverables may consider sponsored projects, which are negotiated on an individual basis.

Industrial Affiliates ($100K)

GRADUATE TALENT RECRUITMENT: Partners at the affiliate level have access to exclusive recruiting opportunities that feature MLL talent from across UT Austin.

TALKS AND EVENTS: Affiliates are invited to exclusive MLL talks and events featuring pre- publication student and faculty research, and have the opportunity to showcase their own organization’s R&D as well.

FACULTY SUMMARIES: Affiliate partners have premier access to work and pre-publications from select MLL faculty. Implementation workshops • Affiliate partners are invited to attend facilitated workshops exploring application of MLL research.

RESEARCH RESULTS: Affiliate partners may freely use the research results provided by the MLL for business purposes.

FACULTY VISITS: Select faculty may be invited to deliver research briefs for the affiliate at mutually agreeable dates and locations.

Board: $1 million+

Machine Learning Lab board members will help shape the strategic direction of artificial intelligence research at UT Austin, with seats alongside faculty and industry leaders on the governing scientific board. In addition to the benefits conveyed at the project and affiliate levels, board members will play a key role in influencing the Lab’s overall research direction and priorities.

Project: $200K - $1 million

Project members receive all the benefits of our affiliate members, plus the opportunity to direct funding to specific faculty and projects. Project members may direct a portion of their funding to specified faculty and projects that are of particular interest to the company in order to advance topics on research projects and applications that are also priorities for their own R&D initiatives.

Affiliate: $100K

Affiliate members receive enhanced access to the faculty and students within the lab, including on-site research briefs, affiliate-hosted recruitment events, classroom engagement with students, visiting research positions, and more.

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