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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Creating technology that drives systems for artificial intelligence, enabling them to acquire knowledge, learn from real-world experience, and make predictions in complex environments

The Next Scientific Frontier

Machine learning accelerates scientific discovery.


The Machine Learning Laboratory was launched to answer one of the biggest questions facing science today: How do we harness the mechanics of intelligence to improve the world around us? Machine learning sheds light on the answer by transforming data into a mathematical blueprint to automate complex, high value cognitive processes. This blueprint has had a profound effect on our ability to replicate human capabilities such as language comprehension and vision.

These advances are just the beginning. Machine learning promises to remake the frontiers of science in field after field, from better understanding brain function to unveiling the origins of the stars in the Milky Way. The Machine Learning Laboratory will work towards these goals by focusing the efforts of more than sixty faculty and scientists. Through them, we will change our understanding of science, and through that science change the world.